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Try PHP for Coding and Programming

MySQL and PHP have developed a special sort of relationship over the past few years, perhaps due in large part to the fact that they are both freely available for download. The increased popularity of this dynamic duo, coupled with boundless enthusiasm from core developers of both technologies, culminated in a "meeting of the minds" in Israel earlier this year. This resulted in the MySQL library being packaged with the PHP 4.0 distribution, in addition to an agreement to help each other improve the performance quality of product integration whenever the opportunity arises.
Try Jed a Free Text Editor JED is a freely available text editor for Unix, VMS, MSDOS, OS/2, and MS Windows. Not only is this very usable text editor free, but it runs on all operating systems. Features:
  • Color syntax highlighting on color terminals, e.g., Linux console or a remote color terminal via dialup (as well as Xjed)
  • Emulation of Emacs, EDT, Wordstar, Borland, and and Brief editors
  • Extensible in a language resembling C. Completely customizable
  • A variety of programming modes (with syntax highlighting) are available including PHP,C, C++, FORTRAN, TeX, HTML, SH, IDL, DCL, NROFF...
  • Also compiles and runs under VMS, OS/2, MSDOS, MS Windows
  • Rectangular cut/paste; regular expressions; incremental searches; search replace across multiple files; multiple windows; multiple buffers; shell modes; directory editor (dired); mail; rmail; ispell;
  • much, much more